Maple (Sycamore)

Unlike in North America maple is none of the main tree species in Europe. European maple mainly grows in middle and high altitudes in the southern and central European mountainous areas. It is often associated with beech. The height of the trees can be 25-30m at maturity with diameters up to one meter.

Application of Maple

Depending on its quality and decorative features, e.g. curly pattern, it is mainly used as veneer. Maple lumber is used for furniture, music instruments or cut-to-size dimensions for handles or household appliances.

Characteristic of Maple

The light colour of yellow-white to white is typical. A plain texture is common, however, with its decorative exceptions such as curly, wavy, veined and figured texture. The maple lumber is easy to cut, plane, glue and carve.

Gross density (12-15%): 530 – 630 – 790 kg/m³
Compressive strength: 29 – 49 – 72 N/mm²
Bending strength: 50 – 95 – 140 N/mm²

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