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Beech is one of the most common tree species in Germany as well as in most other parts of Europe. It grows on almost 20% of the forest area in Germany. The height of the trees can reach 30m with a diameter up to 2.00m.

Application of Beech

Beech logs and beech lumber are valued mainly for their versatility. With its outstanding strength and good workability beech can be used for almost every application. Veneer, rotary cut veneer or as lumber for furniture, construction or flooring as well as dimensions for household applications, handles and more than 250 other applications.

Charactaristic of Beech

The typical colour of natural unsteamed beech is a pale creamy tone. Steaming gives beech wood a pink-reddish tone. The longer the wood is steamed the darker it gets. Beech wood has an overall good workability; it is easy to be machined, glued, finished and turned.

Gross density (12-15%): 540 – 720 – 910 kg/m³
Compressive strength: 41 – 62 – 99 N/mm²
Bending strength: 74 – 123 – 210 N/mm²

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